There’s a cultural divide between University of Oregon
and state residents. They think the University of Oregon
operates in its own self-interest.  


Last year, the Seven Wonders of Oregon were declared
by W+K Portland, and truly revolutionized how we explore
all that Oregon has to offer.

Meet your 8th wonder... the University of Oregon.

NYC 2015

34 teams developed an idea answering a brief given by
Wieden + Kennedy New York. 4 teams were chosen to
pitch at W+K and my team was one of them. 


Raise public support for University of Oregon from all
state residents - regardless of alumni status and initiate
a connection to University of Oregon.

Team 565: Deck Design: Ryan Dutch; Strategy: Hayley Lane,
Marino Lapidus, Spice Walker.



Partner with the UO's Ambassador’s Program, the UO’s strongest
year-round recruitment tool. Residents from all across the state can register for an open house event titled “Your 8th Wonder” - an
annual three day event dedicated to building connections by: 

  1. Networking - We want to see business leaders talk with potential partners as well as young, aspiring entrepreneurs
    to turn ideas into a reality.
  2. Collaborating - Imagine a place where leaders in the
    science community can discuss their latest findings and apply useful information in ways that benefit the state.
  3. Experiencing -  The UO campus has a lot to offer – let’s make state residents familiar with not only the Eugene campus, but the UO facilities and resources in Portland and Bend as well.

People who register for the open house will be able to experience a day filled with opportunity. By participating in this weekend, you will not only benefit your own areas of interest, but you’ll will help further connections within the state and strengthen Oregon as a whole on an even larger scale.