In April 2015, I was selected to participate in Telescope – a four-day long student competition, hosted by the Venture Dept. Teams of six students across different areas of study developed projects that best digitally communicate astrophysics research. 

Team Rando StarAlex TowneBrenna Vickery, Hayley Lane, Jessica Glackin, Stephanie LoveallZachary Mckinney 




People are intimidated by the scope of science — especially space.
We've simplified the solar system and presented it to students in a fun and engaging way.

Introducing Space Genius, a website that makes the solar system relatable to college students. 



  1. PLANETS - we gathered important facts about each planet
    and made the information relatable and more memorable.
  2. CONCEPTS - We took complicated space terminology and created easily
    understandable definitions by using stereotypical slang and used it in every day conversation.

We made our examples specific to the University of Oregon student population; however, 
this concept can be expanded to other colleges that are experiencing the same scientific disconnect.

The full website can be viewed here.