In the wake of the meningitis outbreak, the UO Health Center
asked us to create a campaign that would make students aware
of the truths surrounding the disease and how it spreads.
We had 10 days to fully execute this campaign.


In just 9 days, Uncover M became the most successful University
of Oregon advertising campaign ever, reaching 1 in 4 of the 20,000 University of Oregon undergrads. 


We put the campus under the ransom of a villain, M. In order to visually showcase how meningitis has taken over the University
of Oregon, we created the moniker "M", gave it a voice through social media, and plastered the brand all over campus using a variety of guerrilla tactics. This lead the University through a week-long series of clues as they tried to unlock M's identity. 

To learn more about this campaign, take a look at
this article in The Daily Emerald, or visit the Allen
Hall Advertising website




In order to drive student curiosity, we covered campus every morning with stickers, posters, lipstick,
banners and took over video screens in various buildings. The hashtag #UncoverM directed students
to M's Twitter account, which acted as the campaign's digital hub.  


All of the print and guerrilla messaging were inscribed with #UncoverM which drove students to the
Twitter account @M_Oregon. Each day, M would tweet out a clue relating to his identity and would
encourage students to decode the password that would unlock the website,


To unveil the UncoverM website, the University Health Center sent out an e-mail from M to 20,000 undergrads. 
The e-mail broke webmail benchmarks with a 53% open rate (benchmark being 20%) and 21% unique clicks (benchmark being only 3%). 


After a week and a half, the website was announced via a campus-wide e-mail blast and unlocked to reveal all of the prevention tips.
Each tip related to a clue that we tweeted, and each clue began with a specific letter, that when put in order spelled "meningitis."
The site is a resource for students to find information about meningitis and various ways to prevent it from spreading. 

Account Management: Chris Drachkovitch and Spice Walker
Strategy + Planning: Dani Allen and Joe Packer
Writers: Zachary McKinney and Tommy Woods
Design + Production: Hayley Lane
Art Direction + Web Design: Delaney Pratt 
Video + Animation: Bryan Tietge